July 13th is Brother #3’s birthday.  When I lived in Michigan (Land of Perpetual Snow and Ice) we often celebrated our birthdays together, as they are close.

He is nine years younger than I. There were three years between myself and Brother #2.  Then there was a gap of six years, and then B#3 showed up. He sort of felt ‘odd man out’ when we were young, as he understandably wanted to tag along with the two “Big Boys”.

As a boy, I was closer to #2; as an adult I am closer to #3.  (#4 who is a good man, I will write about some other time).  Brother#3 lives in Seattle with wife and child.  She is well over four feet. Their munchkin is Princess-Goddess, of whom I have written before.

Brother #3 is well over four feet. He is very clever with computers. When I have a Apple tech problem, I call him, not Apple Inc.

We all gather in a week’s time in Charlevoix MI, to celebrate the parent’s 50th.  I am looking forward to seeing him.  It will be intriguing living under the same roof with a 7 month old.  I suppose if she gets out of hand Brother #2 and I can address the problem in the same way we dealt with Brother #3‘s cranky baby problems.  We would dip his pacifier in some whiskey. This panacea provided instant relief. I like to think it made Brother #3 the man he is today.

He still likes a good Scotch.  No rubbish either.