The family outing is less than a week away.

Soon I will be under the same roof with 15 relatives. I think Someone is a bit dubious about all of this. He has never been to Charlevoix MI nor has he lived under the same roof with so many Spos.

Nobody made any specific plans for this week.  A few of us have some nonspecific ideas like ‘boating’ and ‘swimming’ and drinking. As this is the parent’s 50th wedding anniversary, I remind everyone we are primarily there to make the parent’s week a pleasant one. If Mother wants to sit and play cards all this time, so be it.

Here are some tentative plans to keep Someone happy from cracking up.

1 – Visit the wineries.  Michigan has a few wineries with not bad sparkling wines. The day trip would be pleasant, and bubbly is apropos for a wedding celebration, no?

2 – Whitefish dinners.  I am looking forward to a broiled whitefish dinner. This dish captures the ur-text of Northwest Michigan cuisine.

3 – Small chocolate cones. The official dessert of Spos young and old. No medium sizes; no vanilla; no chocolate ‘dip’ – all are sacrilege and don’t question me.

4 – Sweatshirts.  It looks like the lows may be into the 50s, which is almost Artic for us.  We’ll buy some touristy Sweatshirts to keep us warm on those freezing nights.

5 – Mackinac Island.  After all that is where my parents met. Father is proud of his Grand Hotel connection. (We proposed this trip be held at the Grand Hotel, but it was vetoed).  We can see the sights and get some nasty fudge.

6 – Sunsets over Lake Michigan. This is where I want my ashes scattered.  At sunset into the foam of the Lake, from ‘whence I came”.

But not this weekend.