I am thinking of getting a tattoo.

This is a radical thought , but thanks to fine fellows like this one, I am coming around to fancying some body art. I have to shake off some old negative views on tattoos. They were seen as NQOCD [Not Quite Our Class Darling].  As a doctor I would see old farts tattoos faded into blurry blue splotches resembling bruises or cancers. Tattoos are correlated with few teeth. Not pretty.

But times change, and I can too.

What I would get is a boar’s head.  On the Family Crest of Spo, there is a series of boar’s head.  I am ashamed to admit I don’t recall why they are there, but there they are.  It is the emblem of my family, apparently going back to 1200 or so.  So a boar’s head is not a bad idea.

I don’t want it to be large, but discrete. I would like to have it where I can see it. (I don’t understand the point of tattoos out of sight). Perhaps on my deltoid, in a manly sort of way.  Or perhaps on my chest, like an IZOD alligator.  Just away from where you put in an IV or subclavian line. (I’ve seen people in ER on death’s door refusing IVs lest it ruin their tattoo. What were they thinking when they got it?)

Perhaps I should try first a temporary tattoo, to see if I really like it.

The main impediment of getting a tattoo is its permanence.  I want the control/option to get rid of it when I am bored or old or it is beginning to fade. But I guess that is not so.  Tattoos are like herpes – once you have one, it is there forever.

It took me 20 years to consider one; I wonder if it will be another 20 years to do it.