My parents are pleased as punch for they have all the chicks gathered. We’ve spent the day boating and talking and eating and talking and laughing and more talking.

I am continually amazed how fortunate are my parents. They have a happy marriage and they continue to love each other. I have never seen them fight or have a ‘crisis’. They live comfortably and do what they like. They are pleased with their children and grandchildren.

I often wondered ‘how they do it”. They seem to be naturally charmed. So far as I can tell, they both got a double dose of ‘nice genes’.  My mother is probably incapable of being nasty. I’ve only heard her twice in my life say anything ugly. Tomorrow we gather for some professional photography.

The variables are :

The parents

Their 4 sons

The 4 sons with the mates/kids

and all the above.

I do hope there is not too much wiggling otherwise it will take all morning.

We children have arranged for some anniversary cake and a nice whitefish dinner.  Someone and I have several bottles of local sparkling wines (no rubbish) to toast it all.

So happy anniversary, Mother and Father.  Congratulations to two very fortunate people.