… babies wake at all hours and tend to be vocal at the drop of a hat (or in this example, a pacifier) ?

… 10 year olds are learning computer things their fathers learned in college?

… 15 year old girls can not live without texting ?

… it is virtually impossible to get 16 people out the door at the right time for a dinner reservation ?

… Michigan cherries can be made into a soup ?

… it is nearly impossible for sixteen Spos to sit still and not talk for a family photograph ?

… in the combinations of family photographs, we did not get a ‘daughters-in-law” photo as Someone wouldn’t wear a dress.

… Crown Royale and Vernors makes a pleasant cocktail ?

… ducks, when fed potato chips, rival sharks in their feeding frenzy ?

… Cribbage brings out the bad in people ?

… Michigan sparking wines aren’t bad at all ?