I am back home. Tomorrow I return to work. Life will be its usual mundane way.

The dog days of summer coincide with the Sign of Leo (July 20th to August 20th). Not much is planned between now and the end of August, when we go on our annual theatre holiday to Ontario.

I contemplate in a different way at different times of the year. Hot summer days call for ‘lighter thoughts’.  Even my reading is lighter – in summer I like books with humorous qualities and none too deep of plot. Science fiction is fun, provided it isn’t gloomy or profound. “Shoot’em ups” and zany plots are preferable.  Even the wines I consume are lighter – Pino Grigios and Sauvingon Blancs are called for, or perhaps a wheat lemon ale (if I am feeling racy, a zinfandel as it goes well with BBQ).

Mostly, summer is a time to avoid doing much at all for it is too hot. Sitting still is always a challenge but I am more likely to do so in the heat of late July (preferably with a glass of iced tea, solar brewed with plenty of ice).

The next four weeks will be a cycle of work, exercise, blogging, reading, sleeping, and repeat it all.  Not a bad agenda for summertime.

There are a few things missing from this lazy summer portrait. I lack and long for the produce of summer viz. home grown tomatoes and sweet corn. ‘Can’t get either of them here. And there are no crickets to serenade the summer nights.

I look forward to reading all my blogger buddies.