I am a cautious driver. I always drive the speed limit. Speed kills and driving slower saves on gas mileage. I can get 35mpg by staying steady at 65mph.

Needless to say, I am loathed on the Arizona freeway system.

I have sense enough to always drive on the right side of the highway. But this is not enough; I am continually passed by angry drivers who insist on going 70-80mph. I don’t have much empathy for them. It is they not I who are speeding. I am a reminder to obey the law and slow down/life is short/freeway driving is not a metaphor for competition of life.

Few appreciate this instruction.

Someone nearly always drives when we are in together. I like being a passenger, as I get to man the ipod and supervise the maps (Someone is lousy with direction). Someone likes to be the driver is he can’t stand my driving. Someone is a nice person but don’t cross him when on the road. My eyes cross  and my ears burn to witness him bellow awful words and flip people off.  Karma seems to attract to him exactly the type of drivers that burn his bacon. These sorts don’t magnetize to me, probably because they leave me in the dust before we can have a fracas.

I strongly suspect I would be exactly the type of driver that honks Someone off.

I admit there is a passive-aggressive kick seeing some nasty aggressive driver zoom up behind me to flick his lights for me to speed up – in the slow lane!  When I don’t, they pass me in a huff and zoom ahead, presumably waxing wroth I forced them to slow down. Poor babies.