Work is a bitch.

It is normally busy, but lately it is hideous. I have hundreds of patients and it seems most of them have called this week wanting something. Patients get anxious when they can’t get in or contact me, which only raises the anxiety/needy levels. [Ironically people associate a doctor hard to contact means the doctor must be ‘really good”. ]

I rely on ‘no-shows’ to provide time to make phone calls and do paperwork. Alas, there have been no breaks, so things piled up.  Sometime I use ‘well patients’ to provide me quick in/out appointments to give me a few spare minutes for scut work. But the patients coming in are very sick; their problems are not addressed in the 15 minute appointment slots.

There has been an avalanche of paperwork. This consists of patients wanting forms filled out for 3 month Rx supplies (hate that) or insurance companies demanding I defend what I do (really hate that) or disability papers (ultimate loathing). I am expected to ‘drop everything’ and attend to this – on my own spare time it seems. I guess I have 30 charts needing these things.

Most days I have three hours of after-work chores: papers, notes, telephone calls etc. So I have little spare time to do anything else.
Ironically one reason I am behind is I’ve had some private life events. On weekends with ‘nothing going on’ I have several hours of work to do. If I have ‘a life’,  then I can’t get caught up.

Bitch bitch bitch and boo hoo.

Adding insult to injury, my Mac laptop keeps freezing. I suspect it is worn out or having nervous breakdowns for all the typing I do, morning noon and night. Or is it getting overheated?  Whatever; it is a damned nuisance to keep turning it off/on.

This weekend Someone and I drive to Santa Fe for the opera. The 7 hour     car ride gives me the time to finally do all the g-d paper work.

I am going to have some harsh words with the boss-man next week. I don’t know what to do really, but homey ain’t happy. I want a break; I want my life back.  I would like to read a book

or read blogs

or see Someone

or just have ‘nothing to do’