It is a very good exercise to step back from your relationships and look at them from an archetypal point of view.  This is especially useful when emotions are intense. By examining your spouse, your job, and the world in this way, you get an impartial view. This is helpful to figure out what to do.

In the past week I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and drained at work. So I am examining it from a Jungian dynamic.  I realize I am going from The Healer more towards The Martyr – which does nobody good. I am working on this. On the other side of this work relationship dynamic, my patients are too much in touch with The Vampire.

The Vampire is a popular archetype. Ever since Mr. Stoker wrote “Dracula” the imagine of the Vampire leapt with astounding success from the archaic into the 20th century collective. It doesn’t look like The Vampire Archetype will fade anytime soon.

Although The Vampire is manifestly about death, what make it particularly attractive is how close it is to The Erotic. Just witness the craze over Twilight.  How is The Vampire an erotic figure? Consider; A mysterious figure comes in the night and enters our bed and personal space, to bite a vulnerable area – the neck, where the Chakra of the Will resides. He sucks out our essence, and we become his love slave. Oh the shivers!  It is not at all surprising so many modern Vampire stories are more romances not horrors.  There is the thrilling danger of blood ties and sharing of body fluids. How intimate – and dangerous too!

Like all archetypes, it has its negative aspects, its Shadow side. The Vampire is also the blood sucker, the undead after our blood – the source of life.  The Vampire literally drains us dry.  We all know people who do this to us.  They are insatiable in their needs. They can be very envious of those alive and in the light (consciousness).

And this is where my work comes into the picture. I’ve let too many patients drain me dry. I’ve given an inch and they go the mile. There is no way to fill them. I will be dry or dead – or become a Vampire myself.

So I am setting some limits. I am telling some I can’t be all they want. I tell others they have to go elsewhere for their needs.  And I am making a more conscious effort not to be sucked dry when one wants to attach so. This doesn’t require crosses or holy water or garlic;  only better limits and structure – and boundaries.

Both patients and I will be better for this. It is time to ‘shrink’ the bloated  Vampire Archetype.

Watch you don’t succumb to the Vampires in your life !