I am in Santa Fe.

It is the annual trek to Santa Fe to hear the opera. Santa Fe has the best opera house. It is outdoors and the stage is set so you can see the New Mexico mountains in the background. There is often lightning, which is a stunning setting.

Tonight we hear “Albert Herring”, by Benjamin Britten. I don’t know it. It is delightful to attend an opera I don’t know. I have no expectations. I have no ‘version in my head’ that the singers have to meet. It should be jolly. I love BB. One of my favorite operas is “Peter Grimes”. It is Someone’s least favorite opera, so he is bold going to another Britten.

In order to stay awake (it begins at 9PM) I will have coffee with my dinner. I will ‘pay’ for it by staying up to 3AM – I figure I can get caught up on my blogs!

I bought this fabulous ‘fetish’ T-shirt.

I also found this delightful object. You drop it in a glass of water and it expands into real boxer shorts.   I like expanding boxer shorts.