It is Ancestors Day, when those on my mother’s side pause to think back on the generations. August 1st was my grandfather’s and his twin sister’s (Grandma Susan) birthdays. I have a dry martini on this day in his honor. My second cousin has an old fashioned on this day in honor of her grandmother as well.

August 1st is also Lammas Day, the traditional start of “Pagan Autumn”.  The 3 month celebration of the fall starts today and ends 31 October, on Hallow’en or Samhain. When we were little, my brother and I would start to get excited this month about Hallowe’en.  I still do.

August marks the annual trek to Ontario to attend the theatre festivals. The week long holiday happens at the end of the month; its completion makes for ‘true autumn’ to begin. I will get out the fall trimmings upon my return home.


August is a month of bright blue. I don’t remember how August got associated with the colour sky blue.  Here is my August shirt.  When I die, it makes sense to bury me in a Spo-shirt. I think I want this one.

Having the same rituals year in and year out makes me thoughtful on this day. I sense the passage of time. Summer is maturing and will turn to autumn. I am not at the “August time” of my life.  It is not a happy time, nor is it a sad time. It is an effable thoughtful day.

There is a sense of time passing, yet Augusts feel timeless.  There is a quiet hot haze to the month.  Nothing is planned between now and Canada at the end of the month. I hope the month goes slowly, without time.

Happy August everyone; Happy Lammas.  I’ll have a 2nd martini (or perhaps an old-fashioned) in your all honor,