The Healer is an important archetype not only for me but for a lot of people. More and more people are in the ‘healing professions’. The reason for this is complex. The major factors include global circumstances, the evolution of the human spirit, and a collective desire to be more self aware of ourselves.

Are you a Healer?  If you can say “I want to make the planet a better place for me being here. I want to provide something, not just take.”  If the answer to this statement is ‘yes”, than you have Healer energy, even if you are not in an official healing profession.  CEOs, volunteers, business people, even financial advisors – anybody who wants to ‘help others’ count as Healers, or at least having healing energy.

However, there is a lot of nonsense about The Healer. I could write a whole book in the pitfalls and hazards that come with the Healer Archetype.  There are a lot of fallacies – and Shadow sides – to being a Healer.

Here are some examples;

“Healers are so sensitive; they have to withdraw from the world and its events.”

This is some new-age add-on nonsense Healer.  True Healers have The Warrior as a companion. They are not wimps. They go into trauma and sickness, not run away. I wouldn’t want a Healer ‘so sensitive’ he or she can’t deal with problems. Quite the opposite. If the Healers can’t deal with world trauma and pains, who can?

“Healers are the modern age mystics.” Being a Healer is often a person’s profession, not a calling. And it is quite OK for a Healer to set limits and get paid for their service.

Mixing up The Healer with spiritualism is also hazardous.  Healers are NOT supposed to heal everybody, work all the time/all hours, and give it away for free.  I see a lot of Healers get burnout from this. Paradoxically  by setting limits and boundaries as a Healer prevents the the archetype from evolving into The Martyr.

Healers have to watch for hubris. A common hazard is feeling you are the best/only one in your area.  A good axiom a Healer should remind themselves from time time –  “I can be replaced in an instant.”

Another hazard is going into Healing for personal glory or getting your own needs met.

The Medical Healer is going through a lot of changes in the past few decades. It is too much to talk about at the end of an entry. I will get to it someday.