Every morning (whether I want to or not) I wake at 6AM.  This wake up time is so well engrained  I do so without an alarm. Although regular wake ups prevent sleeping in when I can, it provides a regular wake/sleep cycle. I don’t have problems really with sleeping.

Upon the realization I am not dead, I thank Heaven I was provided another day. I then look around to see if Someone is there. Someone doesn’t sleep well;  he often gets up in the night to go watch TV in the other room (no TV in our bedroom thank you very much). There he falls asleep on the couch. When I wake he is usually not next to me but in the other room.

This has changed since we purchased a pooch. Now the morning is one large pile of fur.  When Someone wakes, he takes Harper outside. Harper doesn’t go by herself; she wants an escort. This allows me some time alone to either sleep a few more minutes or think of a way to weasel out of going to work. Alas, “the adult”always wins, and these fantasies are for naught. When Someone and Harper return, Someone goes to the kitchen to start making me my lunch. Harper gets back into bed with me. She feels it is her duty to wake me up/get me out of bed.  I suspect she sees me as not as master but as ‘the other dog’. She nozzles and licks my face and is generally a nuisance until I get up. Recently she is bringing me her morning dog biscuit. Breakfast in bed!

Showering has the minor problem of which soap to use. I like fancy colourful soap, and I don’t see any reason to keep using the same bar day in and day out. If the nose is greasy, I can use Someone’s apricot scrub.  It feels like I am rubbing sand on my face.

Dressing is relatively easy; I am consistent if uninteresting; Khaki pants, dress shirt, shoes black or brown.  If the shirt is accomodating or I am feeling natty, I will don a bow-tie. I have dozens; I tend to use ‘the one on the left’. This means I wear them all, rather than the same ones over and over.

Going to work is more like going on a small trip. I pack the following –

My computer bag

My gym bag

My lunch box (packed by Someone)

A case of charts I brought home as homework


a beverage – usually iced tea.

Then it is out the door.  Mr. Ipod or the latest lecture course keeps me occupied for the drive, which ranges from 20 minutes (M, W, F) to 45 minutes (T, Th).

I get to work about 7AM; the clinic opens at 8. I have one hour of blessed quiet – no phones, no patients.  I write out Rx; I print last night’s progress notes. Meanwhile, I brew hot water. This is for my daily breakfast, which consists of oatmeal “The Breakfast of Nincompoops”.  The hot water is also for my tea. If I am tired, black tea is brewed, dark and strong. If I am feeling more frazzled, green tea (no rubbish).

Then 8AM arrives; and off I go…….