“Comfort foods”  are what we eat when we feel emotional.  They calm us.  “Comfort tunes” are much the same.  Sometimes this is called Music Therapy. It is a simple but efficacious maneuver.

Mr. Ipod allows me to make all sorts of playlists. My playlists contain the songs of a certain singer, or the complete recording of play.

I have a playlist for ‘the Office’;  I have one of chants.

Recently I compiled a playlist christened ‘Comfort Tunes”. All these tunes are associated with good times, or they are soothing. Some of them are silly and they make me smile. There is no rhyme nor reason to them. Each one has a story to it.

I thought I would post my “Comfort Tunes” playlist to see if anyone says ‘Oh, I like that one too!”

Here’s my first draft .

I suppose the person with the most matches wins some sort of cosmic award of being a Spo-mate.

I hope the list’s contents makes you smile a little……

On a Clear Day – Babs

O Mio Babbino Caro – from Gianni Schicci

Time in a bottle – Jim Croce

When I’m Sixty-Four – Paul McCarth

I’d rather be blue over you – more Babs

Joyful, joyful We Adore Thee (love those John Wesley hymns)

With a little help from my friends – more Beatles

Man of La Mancha

Crazy – Patsy

Over the Rainbow – from the movie, not from Judy’s later “alcohol and seconal” period.

If you want to sing out, sing out – Cat Stevens

Coffee in a Cardboard cup

Candle on the Water – Helen Reddy/Pete’s Dragon

She knows her onions

It’s only a paper moon

Let’s do it – Eartha

Money, money, money – ABBA

I dreamed a dream – Susan Boyle

I got you Babe – Sonny and Cher

Dream a little dream of me – Cass Elliot

The glory of love – Bette M.

A dream is a wish your heart makes – Disney

Corner of the sky – From Pippen

Child of Mine – The New Seekers

Getting it – Fascinating Aida

In spite of ourselves – John Prime

Someone Else’s Story – from Chess

Only time – Enya

Coffee Homeground – Kate Bush

Slide a little closer – from “Das Barbecu”

God help the outcasts – Disney

Close every door

Unusual Way – from “Nine”,  Karen Aker’s version

Somewhere That’s Green – Little Shop of Horrors

Champagne Taste – more Eartha

Pie Jesu – Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Requiem

With one look – Sunset Blvd.

Pussywillow – Jethro Tull

Ashoken Farewell – Ken Burn’s “The Civil War”

From a distance – The Nanci Griffith version

Let me fall – Josh Groban

Sweet dreams – Annie Lennox

Cold – more Annie

Penelope’s Song – Loreena McKennitt

I’m still here – From “Follies”

Lullaby – more Loreena

O Malheureuse Iphigenie

Being Alive – from “Company

Pure Imagination

Wuthering Heights – more Kate Bush

The Old Gumbie Cat – “Cats”

Wig in a box – “Angry Inch”

Holy, holy, holy

Requiem in D Minor K . 626 (opening)

The Mummer’s Dance – Loreena again

Beim Schlafengehen – Richard Strauss

Who will buy? – from “Oliver!”

Salve Regina – closing of “Dialogue of the Carmelites”

Cell Block Tango – From “Chicago”

Widerstehe Doch Der Sunde – a Bach cantata