This entry was started while sitting in an Apple store.

I am purposely trying to get my laptop to overheat and krump.  This is why I am here sitting at a genius bar; it is the ‘chief complaint’ as we say in the medical business. My MacBook Pro laptop tends to ‘freeze’.  It seems correlated with how much time I am on the laptop. Like a stress test,  it is being pushed it to freezing up, so he can see the problem.

The other annoyance: sometimes I see a sudden surge of a letter. For example, I will type the word ‘sign’.  What happens is the laptop goes to town with it, and starts printing out ‘sign’ as signnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn etc. And it won’t shut down no matter what buttons I press.  I have to shut the laptop down. Bloody nuisance. There is nothing so aggravating as a device that promises to make your life easier only to make it more complicated.

So far I can’t get it to ‘not work’. This is frustrating to say the least. This feels just like a nagging cough for which you make an appointment to see the doctor. Immediately the cough starts to clear up. By the time you get to the doctors office, you can’t cough to save your life. You feel sheepish; the doctor looks with mild scorn why you are bothering to come in if you feel OK.  And you know as soon as you leave, the damned cough will reappear.

So I am typing typing typing – typing away. Needless to say I am not getting any of the problems to show up.

Mr. Tech doesn’t think it is a virus.  He has politely poo-pooed my various hypothesis –

The computer is dirty

or worn out

or possessed by demons.

So far he doesn’t have an ideas.  Meanwhile I am whizzing up and down the keyboard, trying to get the damn thing to stick.

Later – Mr. Tech did a diagnostic and found some sort of ‘red flag’ about some sort of heat sensor. It is a long shot this, not gremlins, explains my problems.  I can send the laptop somewhere for a week (!) and get it fixed for a 300$ and see if it helps.

He also sold me a new battery, as my original one holds as much juice as a sieve.

I’ll keep you postedddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd