I haven’t had much time to write lately.  There is nothing major happening in my life to thwart blogging. However, there has been a lot of tid-bit events filling up the days, Time whizzes by.

Here are five short reads…..

Yesterday I removed a few bookmarks for some blogs that have shut down or slaked away. I have to accept the sad fact the writers have gone elsewhere.  I know some of these virtual friendships will cease to be. True a few of them lurk around on Facebook, but I find Facebook good for short clips of information. Facebook doesn’t offer space for self-reflection or true feeling. People come and go in our lives after all.

Last weekend I started cutting out the pieces for a new Spo-shirt. I haven’t made one is a long while. It’s been too hot in the house to get out the iron. Next week our handyman will make me a set of plastic stencils of my pattern pieces. This should make fabric cutting as quick as a wink. Perhaps I can ‘speed up production” this way.  Some of my old shirts are looking ratty or embarrassing in their crudity. I should toss’em, but I can’t get myself to throw them out.

Someone and I are arranging our travels for the rest of the year.  Having an anticipated trip (and a break from work) is important for my mental health.  But “time off” means no pay, so there has to be a balance. Here is what we came up to do –

September – Autumn visit to Wisconsin to visit The Best Friend.

October – Cousin’s wedding in Santa Barbara.  Should be lavish.

November – Thanksgiving with family in Seattle.

Last week I picked up 280lb in a “dead lift”. My face turned red, and I grunted something not heard since Cro-Magnon times, but I did it – three reps.  I felt rather butch.

Two weeks from now we are back in Canada. Usually we go to The Stratford Festival first, then onto The Shaw Festival. This year we are doing it the other way around.  Normally leaving Niagra-on-the-Lake “turns off summer” and puts me into a fall mentality. I hope this holiday reversal doesn’t shut my mind down – I am so looking forward to Stratford !