The Other Dog (whom I will call TOD) tells me I can post an entry from time to time.  He and The Master are taking a nap, so I thought I would give it a try.

I am doing well, thank you. Master does a fine job taking me to dog parks and walks in the evening. TOD is ‘the alpha dog’, but I get more time with Master. Most days TOD leaves in the morning to go somewhere all day, only to return in the evening.  Master tells me he is doing something to makes sure I have food for us both. I guess this make TOD ‘a working dog’

I am sometimes jealous of the other pet. He gets to eat at the table with Master, whereas I have to sit on the floor. TOD gives me table tid-bits, which Master won’t do, so he isn’t too bad.

Once in a while I like to take TOD’s place in the community bed. The Other Dog finds this upsetting, and I have to move to the end of the bed – another disadvantage for being #2.
Despite what Master says, I can be more of a bitch than TOD.

It is my job to wake him up each morning. After Master gets up and lets me out, I come back in to bark or poke TOD to move his lazy two footed tail-less butt out of bed. But he is sweet about it. He loves to give me kisses, and I return in kind.

He likes to blow on my ears, which I don’t like.

Sometimes Master and TOD go for a walk, but he doesn’t use a lease on TOD as when we two go walking. I get the impression TOD would like Master to put him on a leash, but it is my leash after all.

In conclusion, despite some mild competition for Master’s attention, TOD and I are getting along fine.  I’ve learned a sad pouty face gets me anything from Master. The other dog lacks any weapon so potent.
I am just glad Master doesn’t spank me like he does TOD.