I woke this morning to Harper licking my head. She gave my scalp and forehead a thorough going over – a canine wash and set. This was pleasant until Someone informed me she just licked herself, and not on her head. I don’t normally shower before going to the gym, but today I made an exception.

I have a meeting with the personal trainer this morning. We are at the end of my contract with him. He has a ‘private practice’ as it were, and he would like me to consider going there now. We will discuss the possibility. If it means I can work out without a shirt I’m all for it. I’ve always wanted to to that. Perhaps I can play my own music. The Personal Trainer, who is Italian, should like Maria Callas, right?

Later this morning Steve the Handyman stops by to pick up his latest assignment. I want him to take my Spo-shirt patterns and translate them from tissue paper to clear plastic. This should let me cut out bits as quick as a wink.

Speaking of sewing, I need to call Jody, who alters our clothing. I need to get my suit(s) ready for my cousin’s wedding.  I hope the adjustments are ‘good’ viz. signs of getting in shape.  In the past a telephone call usually means letting out the trousers for I am fat and hideous.   I haven’t worn a suit in a year, so we’ll see what happens.

Finally, I meet up for dinner and drinks with a couple of chums. They have been away housesitting in Seattle. I get to hear all their adventures in the Pacific Northwest. They are both well over four feet tall.