This Friday we fly to Ontario and not a moment too soon. I am sick of Phoenix with its heat and humidity.  People in Arizona seem especially mean and irritable this year and the weather hasn’t helped.  I am told I am going towards more humidity, but the temperatures will be less, and Ontarioians are overall more civil and well-mannered than Arizonians. Canada in general seems more peaceful than The States, and I can get a decent cup of tea without worrying it will be made poorly. Tim Hortons – bless’em – makes a new pot every 20 minutes. I’m off.

Besides tea Ontario has some delightful wines. I’ve grown a fancy to their local grape varietal Baco Noir. I hope to find a few bottles in the Wine Country.  Only in Canada can you get a Proper Bloody Caeser.

Mr. Harper will be pleased: we will spend quite a few loonies. Last year our credit card gouged us with foreign purchases charges, so this year we are bringing a wad of cash.

We go to The Shaw Festival on Niagra-on-the-Lake, then to Toronto, and then to Stratford Festival.   We will see 10 or 11 shows.  The other day I estimated I have seen over 60 plays in 30 years of attending The Stratford Shakespeare Festival.

Thanks to Stratford I have furfilled a life time goal of seeing all of Shakespeare’s works.

The Shaw Festival holds the prize of having done the most brilliant theatre I have ever experienced.