The number of visitors to Spo-Reflections has been in decline for some time now.  Not too long ago it was getting over a 1,000 visits a day, sometimes 40,000 a month; can you imagine?  Now it gets a fraction of what it used to be. Every week it sees less and less numbers.

I suppose this reflects a general decline in blogging. More and more bloggers close down and go to Facebook, Twitter, or they pursue other hobbies.  Perhaps the ‘stalkers’ who drop in but don’t comment have become bored or found new blogs to read. Who can say.

I try to stick to the original concept I write for artistic and Self expression. If anyone reads my work – let alone comments – this is a bonus. Visitors are supplemental, not integral.

Still, I have to admit it makes me sad to see my 15 minutes of fame passing. The Midwestern in me assumes this is ‘my fault’ viz. what I write is boring (translation: I am boring) and I need to ‘do something about it.” I have no real data on the matter, so it is easy to project neurosis onto it.

I want assure my intrepid Spo-fans I am not stopping. So long as I feel a need to write (and enjoy doing so) Spo-Reflections will remain up and running. I don’t plan on changing (except the headers).  I won’t succumb to vanity.

I mourn the loss of bloggers gone or lost. I am so happy to the ones who hang in with me. And I remain grateful for anyone who stops by; I am honored so.