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Not accustomed to canine behavior, I am puzzled by an ongoing phenomena: when Someone gives Harper a treat she often brings it to me. It is usually a large Milk-Bone. I will be typing away on my laptop, and become aware of being watched. I look up to see Harper with a bone in her mouth. Upon eye contact she will drop the bone at my feet. Sometimes when I am not paying attention, she puts it on the arm of the chair. I have gotten up from a chair only to return to find something waiting for me in the chair. Theories abound:

Harper feels Someone isn’t feeding me enough


Her maternal instincts make her think I am a puppy in need of feeding


She sees me as the ‘alpha dog’. These treats are my ‘cut’, prior to her own consumption.

I feel sheepish receiving these gifts; the expectation seems to be I am to consume it. She doesn’t want them back. Once I put the large Milk-Bone between my teeth, hoping she would play tug of war. No such luck;  she waited – apparently to watch me eat it.

Last night she brought me a slice of pastrami.

I suspect I am hurting her feelings for not eating these offers.  Giving her praise for her thoughtfulness seems to only reinforce more treats.

If anyone has any suggestions I am keen to know.

Perhaps I can get her to fetch something more attractive, like a bottle of beer?

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