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I must stop using Wikipedia for it is causes depression.

Every once in a while, I wonder “Where are they now?” in regards to various people, musical groups, or celebrities.  Wikipedia does a nice job  answering my inquiries.  However, the answers are seldom cheery. Most of the rock groups or musicians are either very old, dead, or disbanded.  Actors and actresses from favorite movies have aged or died or fizzled.

It should come as no surprise.  It is a pretty safe bet if I haven’t heard about anybody for decades they are probably aged, retired, or dead. Another clue : if I have to ask myself “Where are they now?” the answer is probably ‘into obscurity.

That is the problem with nostalgia. Memories stand still but Time marches on. I want things to stay as I know them. For example; I have an old favorite “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing.” by The New Seekers. Wikipedia informs me the disbanded decades ago, no longer play, and are – gasp – old. Shocking!

Facebook is a minor variation of this. I’ve located people whom I haven’t seen or spoke to in 20 years. They too didn’t ‘stay still’. They grew up, moved out. Some of them even married and had kids! Who knew?  Alas, a few have died.

So, Wikipedia is going to be limited to facts, not folks. hohoho.

I can just imagine what must have happened to Jethro Tull. It was my first rock concert, back in early 80s.Ian Anderson must now be 70 if a minute.

(Afterthought: I lookedup Mr. Anderson. He is actually 63. No spring chicken, but he doesn’t look bad !)

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