September is normally a ‘quiet month’ and this year looks to be no exception. There is only one event: in two week’s time Someone and I visit The Best Friend, who lives in the far off Kingdom of Wisconsin. I hope to see some fall colour although mid-September may be premature for this. At least I will get cheese curds.

Other than this pilgrimage, there is not much else. I have to see the doctor for my seasonal check up on blood pressure, cholesterol etc.  I hope to focus this month on exercise. There are some household projects to do. The Handyman finally finished making my stencils, so I will return to shirt making.

Usually by now I put up some autumn decorations around the house – some scarecrows and fall leaves, things of that nature. It sure doesn’t feel like fall, with temperatures still between 75-100.  Despite it being my season for SAD, I actually enjoy the fall colours and rituals. Alas, there are none here in the desert. (thus the trip to the Midwest).

As the weather cools, we can finally turn off the AC which has been continuously going since May. I look forward to open windows.  September in the kitchen means translating over my cooking from BBQ sauce to soup.  I recently made minestrone.

UM Football is an integral part of my family. I don’t watch the games; I hear all about them via which brother is attending which game. I miss the tailgate parties though. The Personal Trainer went to Notre Dame (evil): UM plays Notre Dame this weekend.  I’ve made a bet with TPT that if Notre Dame wins, TPT gets a six pack of Coors. If UM wins I get Guiness.  I suspect Notre Dame will win. It is at home for them, and Notre Dame doesn’t play fair.