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I wonder if this country will survive.  We are splintered into factions, each out for itself and seeing the others as a demonic entity that must be crushed.  Manners have deteriorated; so-called adults sounds like kindergarten children in their name calling. Meanwhile, the country goes bankrupt and we poison ourselves with our waste and stupidity.

Harper has big sad eyes and looks depressed. I can’t tell if she really is sad in mood, or she is learning this gets her immediate attention, or something to do, or – better yet – a treat.  She is a clever dog if this is so!

I get out one of my favorite books and reread select paragraphs or chapters. They are like old friends, and they never fail to comfort.

I want to clear the house out of ‘all the knickknacks’ and make things as bare as possible. No more clutter!

I dream of seeing Scandinavia.  My Viking blood may be over 1000 years old but it bubbles up from time to time. I want to see Norway.

Cottage cheese sounds absolutely delicious; and sometimes it sounds loathsome.

I speak out loud or say an expletive and realize my Residency Professor was correct: I do have Tourette’s. I need to get this in check.

The Meaning of my existence comes to me in a flash of insight, but this usually happens at 3AM and the next morning I can never remember what it was. All I can recall is it has something to do with a cup of tea.

And speaking of tea…

A diet Cola sounds lovely.  With a lemon please.

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