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Every week a friend and I read each other’s Tarot cards and email the results. Yesterday she sent a reading basically saying ‘Don’t bother’ viz. it looks to be a lousy week and I should stay in bed.  Bad timing; there are all sorts of things that could go bad. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow,  a few gym appointments, and a flight to Wisconsin on Thursday evening.  There are all sorts of potential problem areas.  The point of Tarot is the paradoxical approach nothing is fixed and with conscious effort one can change the potential outcome – or I can just stay in bed.

I decided ‘Yes” to sending a Spo-Shirt out for a ‘world tour’ for charity.  First stop: Larry H, whose idea it is.  I haven’t decided yet ‘which shirt’. I want to count the votes, as it were.  Someone thinks the “Shirt of Shirts” should go out, considering the goals. He is usually right about things.

Our pool remains good for a ‘quick dip’ but it is too cool now to stay in it. Last night we slept with the window open – bliss!  Yesterday, I opened up the hot tub – it looks a little green in there. It is time to change the water and  filters, get it ready for autumn/winter use.

The expression ‘All the tea in China” applies to my tea-cupboard. I bought way too much when I was last in Canada. I am up to my ears in various types of tea; green, white, oolong, blacks etc. Even my ferocious consumption of the stuff won’t be able to consume it all before the hoard ages and goes flat.  If anyone would like to come over for tea, I’ll put the kettle on.

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