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Yesterday I was ‘in mood’ as my siblings say. I prefer the expression ‘Being cross’. Someone uses more blunt words to describe me in this mood.  When I am not at my best, I tend to withdraw into a room by myself so I won’t sour the world with crappy karma.

It wasn’t a pleasant day. I interacted with far too many frustrating people. A handful of patients are either a) not doing what was recommended or b) doing drugs and alcohol or c) not going to counseling for a variety of reasons. These are not uncommon matters for a physician to face. What was irksome was these same patients are demanding or needy that I ‘do something’ about their messes and do it ASAP.

One man, a professed Tea Party person, wanted to spend his appointment gloating how ‘they have won’ and they will soon take over  – apparently to dismantle the Federal Government and shoot ‘illegals’ and/or anyone in disagreement with them. He is on Medicare, and he wanted a break in his medical bill as he “can’t afford things” (said right after the  disclosure he continues to smoke two packs per day).

The news is depressing. Everything is ‘us vs. them’ and everyone is acting like children or louts and with oh so atrocious manners.

Twice today I was nearly run off the road because I was going 65 mph in the right lane of the highway whose speed limit is 65 mph.  One impatient person did not even pause to get off his cell phone to flip me off.  Another of these cellphone driving villains had a “Palin in 2012” bumper sticker on her SUV.  I am beginning to suspect the Mayans were onto something after all.

I should do some stretches and go to sleep.  I should consult St. Francis and ask him for some interventions of peace and patience.

I am looking forward to the weekend with The Best Friend. Tomorrow we fly to Wisconsin (Land of Cheese) with their antique malls, cheese curds, Blatz beer, and perhaps (if I am lucky) some fall colour.

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