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Yesterday I began having an odd tingling sensation in my upper lip. I thought ‘damn, a cold sore is coming on.” This would be no surprise, considering the stress of the week. But this time it was different: there was no cold sore; the lip began to swell. I’ve not had it before.

This morning my upper lip is ballooned to twice the size of the lower. The consequential overlap gives a simian look to my countenance; to wit, I look like a chimp. No, I am not going to post a photo. Between this and the jet lag (I am in Wisconsin) I look positively Cro-Magnon. A monkey with bags under its eyes. Not pretty.

I wonder what happened to my lip. There is a numbness to it.  It looks like the product of a bee sting, but there is no pain. Like anyone with medical training, I’ve self-diagnosed it with the worst and most atypical explanation of some parasite (no doubt from Africa) has invaded my puss and is planning some outrage. This morning while Someone and I drive to Omro, some many-legged creature with nasty pointed teeth will suddenly tear out of my mouth AKA Alien and finish us off. This will doubt ruin the weekend as I want to go to the antique mall.

I’ll keep you posted.

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