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I received some recent emails for Spo-fans.  One suggests I ‘lighten up’. My recent entries are too political and not my usual ‘fun’ entries. The other email questioned my writing about patients on-line, and I should be more prudent.

I will first address the later. I don’t write about specific patients, but patient types. When I write about work, I change details (the person’s age, or gender for example) to make the case abstract.  Sometimes I combine certain types into one hypothetical example. So while nothing is ‘false’, there are no literal truths. If a patient reads my blog, what they would read is ‘something made up’; patients privacy is protected. I hope this satisfies the APA Secret Police.  I suspect my medical associations prefer I don’t blog at all, lest I embarrass the profession.

On the assumption humor is still the best medicine, what I write is jocular and those with no sense of humor should suck on some lemons to sweeten their disposition.

About the first matter….

When Spo-Reflections dabbles in politics  it does so to make a psychological point and not to argue a politician or topic is right or wrong.

It is late, and I have been toiling all day. I am rather cross from too much work and not enough TLC.

I’ll stop now before I get cranky.

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