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As a boy, I liked the notion of “Message in a Bottle.” I fancied putting something profound in a bottle and settibg it afloat, not knowing who would discover this. Fate would deliver my bottle where they willed. The finder would contact me and convey the marvelous tale how it was discovered.

Now my dream is about to be realized. My Message in a Bottle is a Spo-shirt; the bottle is a USPS flat rate box.  Where it goes and when it get backs to me is not too clear; it will be an adventure. It goes out this week.

I ask each recipient does the following –

  1. He or she takes a photograph of themselves with the shirt (preferably wearing it!)
  2. Make sure I know, so I can see !
  3. They will tell me which of four charities I am to donate 5 dollars for their participation.  Test Positive Awareness, Doctors without Borders, The Humane Society, or Research for Prostate Cancer.
  4. They write a little something in the notebook that travels with the shirt.
  5. They will pass it on to someone else. I have a list of people who told me they want a turn. So if they don’t have a ‘taker’,  I can guide them towards the next Spo-fan.

Some day the shirt will come back home.

What a marvelous gift it will be for me to see this journey.

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