Someone and I both have hypothetical boyfriends.  When one of us is failing to be all he should be, the other states he is leaving to live with his REAL boyfriend who will treat him right, listen, and take out the trash as asked to do three times already etc. etc. etc.

The next Mrs. Someone would be Anderson Cooper.  Mr. Cooper must be a much less hyperactive man who doesn’t leave half consumed beverages lying around the house. He is reportedly someone who actually separates the whites from the colours when doing laundry.

Someone can run off to his white haired beau. For I too have a virtual life-mate. However, mine changes frequently. Like Carmen, I never know who my next heart throb will be.

Speaking of Opera, the next Mrs. Spo  can be this fine fellow:

Mr. Pape is an opera singer. Thanks to the Met, I am schmitten with this fine German fellow. We have yet to meet, but I am certain he will be zehr spannend and quite an improvement over my last virtual boyfriend Mr. Downey Jr., whom I threw over when Mr. Radcliffe couldn’t keep up.

Back off Bloggers – Mr. Pape is “taken”.