It is Saturday morning; here are some items on my depraved gay agenda.

1 – Paperwork.  What is a weekend without a pile of charts that need dictating, editing etc.? I also have a handful of patients to call back. This all should take up most of my spare time this weekend. Ah, the joy of being a physician…..

2 – Shopping.  I have quite the treasure hunt to do.  I want new head phones (for the old ones are cracked), tea candles, and a shirt.  I need to find a fabulous and marvelous notebook so I can finally send my Spo-shirt on its merry way.

3 – I shall leave blank lest my family is reading.

4 – Speaking of shirts, I have two months until a trip to Palm Springs and I have nothing new, what’s a girl to do?  Get crackin’ !

5 – Read blogs !

6 – Exercise.  TPT (The Personal Trainer) and I have a ‘hot date’ this morning. I think we are working on shoulders today. Whatever, I need work !  Or structure.  Or discipline.  I suspect I am in desperate need of discipline.