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Every season I go through the closet and discard the items worn out,  unwanted, or not worn. I also do this with blogs. I take stock of what I read – which ones are active or inactive and who remains interesting.  Blogs change; sometimes they change ‘style’ or contents. Their writers gain or lose interest.

I have 85 bookmarked blogs (!).  Some are visited every day and others once a week.  While I love reading blogs, reading all of them is time consuming.  This weekend cut off some.

I don’t like to do this. This is based on the emotion I’ve spent a lot of time and energy getting to know someone and ‘closing down’ is a sort of good-bye.  It feels a disappointment; a budding friendship failed to bloom.

It also makes sense to discard blogs I don’t find anymore interesting.  And I decided to stop reading one or two who didn’t seem interested in me. I would stop by and write comments of support, but this is never reciprocated. I would not do this with a “flesh and blood” friend.

Well, this happens in life all the time, so I shouldn’t be so sad about losing a virtual connection.  Many of these closed bloggers I follow on Facebook, so it is not like they disappeared; they have merely changed genera.  I find Facebook flightly, but hey it is better than nothing.

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