My weekends are routine. There is always work to be done. I have oodles of homework.  My exercise appointment with The Personal Trainer (TPT) is in one hour’s time. I want to complete sewing up a shirt and (finally) get to a shirt I promised a friend many months ago. However, this  weekend I have a few ‘new things’ to do.

Tonight The Lovely Neighbor is having us over for Southern Friend Chicken. Last year I let out I have never had Southern Friend Chicken. The Lovely Neighbor (who is from Virginia) and her best friend (from Alabama) were scandalized. So tonight I experience “Real Southern Fried Chicken”.  She promises all the fixings, whatever that means. Grits will be served, which is another food I have never tasted.  This should be quite an experience.

Tomorrow I am participating in an AIDS walk. Although I have sponsored many walkers, I have never been in one myself. Someone, who is running in it, asked me yesterday would I be interested in going and I said yes. It remains very hot here in Phoenix (with record heats last week) so I need to be mindful of dehydration.  My alma mater medical school was keen on hydration, the panacea for all ills.  I will walk 5K (or 10, I am not certain).  I am looking forward to this.

In my copious spare time, I want to get out the Hallowe’en decorations and put up some of the ‘autumnal’ items like the leaves, scarecrows, and pumpkins.  There is no sense of season here. With temperatures still in the 100s it may as well be July.  I would like to see some fall colour.

So that is the depraved agenda for this weekend