Today I did my first AIDS walk.

I’ve sponsored many walkers and runners over the years, but I have never walked in one. Someone signed up for the 5K race;  he asked if I would go as well, and I said Yes.

It was a splendid experience. There were a lot of people of every sort.  There were a lot of dogs too (next year I will bring Harper). Phoenix is still having record heat, so the 5K walk was rather hot. The walk time went quickly, thanks to the music of Handel, Mozart, Wagner, ZZ Top, and Beyonce. It was all quite festive. However, I passed a long line of volunteers carrying a long red ribbon. On it were the names of the deceased to remind us why we were walking and how much more there is to do.

The lieutenant governor Mr. Goddard was present; so he gets my vote this year. Not nasty Janet Brewer who was nowhere to be found.

A young man was selling foam hats in memory of his ‘Uncle Jake”. I promised him I would wear it. In memory of Uncle Jake and all those who died, I am honored to have helped out.

I hope some day there are no more needs for these walks, and no more children missing their Uncle Jake.