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When it comes to technology I am a clod. Two years ago I had to replace my 10 year old cellphone. I asked for the most basic type of phone, one with no bells or whistles whatsoever – a dixie cup with a string if they had such a thing.  The saleslady sold me ‘the easiest’ which still has too many devices for someone who just wants to take and receive calls. I suspect I am not aware of 95% of my phone’s functions.

The cellphone is capable of taking photographs. Someone suggested I could use this feature to post pictures on the blog. I eventually stumbled on to how to take a photo; about a year ago I figured out how to find them in the phone.I never got to how to get the photos out of the phone and onto the internet.

Last weekend, to my amazement, I deduced how to send a picture via a phone call. Some of you Spo-fans are snickering but this is heady stuff for Urs Truly.  I made progress!  First, I sent some photos to Someone’s phone. When that worked I sent some to my laptop.  Today I figured out how to extract the shots from the email and into the Mac and onto the blog.

These photos maybe two years old but they are finally making their debut….

Here is my first photograph.  I recall I was trying to take a picture of The Best Friend.

I have to work on framing.

Here is photo of Big Ruby’s Guesthouse, where we have our annual winter holiday.

Apparently someone (not Someone) has lost histrousers, a not uncommon phenomena in Key West.

Here is a picture of Someone at breakfast.

Darned if I know what happened here, but I like the effect.

Speaking of Someone, here is another ‘full portrait” that didn’t quite come out.  I think Someone has nice legs, don’t you?

These are rare tropical Key West penguins.

I don’t remember how they got there, so don’t ask thank you very much.
Spo-Reflections will have more  cellphone photography, provided Someone doesn’t regret his encouragement.

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