This weekend Someone and I go to California to attend a family wedding.  Grandpa and Grandma Spo had three children who in turn had ten of their own.  Most of these (and their spouses) will attend. I am looking forward to this. The wedding should be quite lavish. I wish my cousin well.  She looks so much like Grandma Spo it slays me.

I am more at ease at weddings now, but they used to make me uncomfortable, back in my ‘bachelor days’ when I was closeted and ashamed. I would stammer and dodge the curious or tactless wedding guest asking about my own marriage plans. Now I say without shame Someone is my partner of 15 years and we are a quite the staid old couple thank you for asking.

Few wedding guests ask me this question nowadays, so I seldom get an opportunity to take a proud stance. I find it hard to believe people are more polite. Perhaps at my age people assume ‘there’s no hope’ I will marry. Maybe straights aren’t interested in gay relationships. Gay people don’t fit nicely into the typical status of ‘single, engaged, or married”.  There is a lot of DADT at these nuptials.

These are matters with wedding guests, not with my relatives. I plan to have a jolly time seeing my kin, particularly the cousins. Someone tends to get overwhelmed with too many Spos at a time, all talking at once and bouncing about so.

I like the wedding ceremony itself. I don’t care much for most of the silly nonsense that goes on at most receptions, although I like the free booze. Mainly I like gabbing with my relatives. I usually leave by the time the band plays.

I remember being told at a wedding if I took a piece of wedding cake home and put it under my pillow I would dream about my future wife. I remember doing this. Not only did it make a frightful mess I never dreamed of anyone. Go figure. Then again I never married so perhaps it wasn’t wrong after all.