This was written impromptu, during a ‘no show’ at work, while waiting for the cab to the airport….

There are many aspects of this weekend that excite me.  Perhaps one of the more joyful elements of travel is the road trip. I like road trips. There is a sensation of ‘going somewhere’. The journey getting there usually is as nice as the destination itself.  Someone usually does the driving as he likes to drive and I like to be a passenger. This gives me the opportunity to be Map-master (in charge of directions) and Ipod-master (in charge of the entertainment).

On these journeys I have gone through a literal wheelbarrow of old food magazines. I take a handful of them on each road trip. I scan them for potential recipes, ripping out the ones with potential.  After two years, this weekend’s road trip sees the completion of phase 1 – going through all the magazines.  Now I enter phase 2.  This is going through the files of ripped our recipes and editing them down. I suspect many will go in ‘round two’; I suspect I’ve torn out multiple versions or the same thing, which means they can be thinned out to only one version.

Sometimes I get caught up with my professional reading viz. my many medical journals. If Someone doesn’t mind we hear a lecture or two on CD. (the latest CD is on “Borderline Personality Disorder” which promises non-stop entertainment and never a dull minute).

Sometimes I sit in the back seat and dictate charts. This gives me a fun opportunity to play “Driving Miss Daisy” or pretend I am royalty but this game is getting old (and Someone just turns up the music).

I like road trips mostly to stare out the window and think. My mind flits so, going from ‘thinking of nothing’ to ‘thinking of everything’.  I wonder cosmic issues like ‘where am I going, what am I doing?”  Someone doesn’t often see me sitting still let alone being quiet, so my introversions cause him some alarm – particularly when he is in need of direction (on the road, not in life). We drive from Santa Barbara back to Phoenix, so I will have many hours to reflect.