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Oooooh Nanny! We are in Santa Barbara !

Last night after a check to see if we all made it here, Someone and I went to sleep for 10 hours. Oh the bliss! Oh are we getting old!

Santa Barbara strikes me as ‘very California” but I can’t put my finger on it.  Perhaps it is the sunny sky, the palm trees, and the friendly people. There is no sign of any celebrities, which is a disappointment.

However there is no lack of relations. About 20 of us had breakfast at the local Sambo’s. (I didn’t know Sambo’s still existed). 20 Spos are a noisy bunch, all talking excitedly at once and moving about. It resembled a game of musical chairs.  Someone had a Bloody Mary with his breakfast; he needed it.

I was shocked shocked shocked to see I packed a button down shirt to go with my suit. (the horror!). So we went off to a Men’s Wearhouse.  The salesmen were all impressed I could tie a bow tie and so quickly too. The purchase ended with me teaching all the sales staff how to tie a bow tie, for which they were most grateful. When we left they were out of their long ties and into bows. I did not charge a commission.

Later on we go to cousin Meg’s wedding. It should be quite lavish.  I am looking forward to the reception to talk with all the cousins. Jolly good fun. All 3 of my brother’s are here too. So I will practice taking photos with my cell phone.

Tomorrow we drive home. Someone says it took him 8 hours but it was fun.  I have a literal trunkload of things to do for the road trip.

I’ve no time for proper blogging; I will catch up with everyone tomorrow.

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