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I have a colleague who is enthused about a certain program of which she is a member.  She heralds the institution (of which she is a member) as revelatory. Thanks to this program, she has grown as a person and in her professional life. She applies what she learned in patient care.  Her enthusiasm for it all is genuine and impressive. She asked me to participate in one of their weekend programmes; out of collegial courtesy, I would attend – someday.

That weekend is this weekend.  I am dubious about the whole thing.

First of all, I can’t get anyone to pinpoint down what exactly what goes on. “Wait and see” is too nebulous and allows me to project all sorts of things onto the cheerful facade. The programme sounds like a weekend combination of EST and CBT (these are therapy types). If so, I don’t want either – been there/done that. I am not interested in group therapy, and I don’t want to listen to other people’s problems (not without getting paid).  The course may be none of this, but without specifics, who can tell?

Second, I’ve received several calls from the place, asking me what my goals are. My honest answer is “I don’t have a goal other than going to see what it is like on the invitation of a colleague.” This is falling flat. Sitting in the back and watching is not permitable. Apparently I am supposed to bring in some neurosis that wants fixing. I’ve had lots of analysis and my neurosis are all fixed, or put into their place.

Third – and this may be the death knell –  it is all day long, 9AM-9PM, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Lord have mercy! I can not sit still or pay attention for more than an hour, let alone 3 days of 12 hours spans. My ADHD hummingbird mind will not tolerate this.

With all the phone calls to ‘get me ready’ makes Someone wonder if I am being indoctrinated into some sort of cult.  My own spider senses are tingling something is strange about it all.

Whether it’s funny or not, I’ll give you a full report once it is concluded      – which may be Friday night.


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