I recently wrote about my ambivalence to attend a weekend seminar that will consume 3 10 hour days. I didn’t confess I resent the amount of “My Time” taken from me.

One of my teachers believed the most difficult thing to empathize is another’s love object(s). What I find more challenging is another’s sense of boredom viz. they have too much Time.

I’ve encountered many patients who can’t think of anything to do and nothing interests them. Sometimes they work a lot, they avoid retirement because they can’t imagine what they would do with “all that time”. For those who don’t work, they often watch a lot of TV, not because they enjoy it, but because they can’t think of an alternative. I think many folks smoke, drink, or do drugs out of boredom.  My suggestion to find ‘something to do’ often evokes bewilderment. It is rather like telling someone with colour-blindness to wear more reds.

“Too much Time” is never a problem for me, for I have the opposite issue. It bereaves me how little Time I have.  The things I ‘should’ do and the activities I want to do are vast. I wonder how I do the fraction of desires on my list.

I could retire in a heart beat and be continually active – happy too. And don’t get me going on all the things I want to someday learn!

At times I envy Someone. He seems to have all the time in the world to run errands, keep house, and pursue hobbies or house chores. It drives me bonkers is his ability to sit still and do nothing.

I struggle with accepting I can not do all I want. There are only so many hours in a day. I often have to limit myself to one or two activities. I can’t have them all. This is a bitter pill to swallow.