Spo-fans recall I went to a 3 day 10 hour/day seminar this weekend.  It was not sinister, nor was it cultish. It was tedious rather. Most of the concepts taught were basic psychotherapy notions I know already. It was the physical aspects of the day that did me in. I had bronchitis, so I hardly slept. Sitting for hours at a time hurt my tail-bone. I couldn’t sit stil , stay awake nor breathe. This made paying attention very difficult. So I left at supper time and did not return.

They taught the basics – don’t let the past influence the future, and how we interpret things often clouds what really is happening (try to tell as many people as you can!). All kidding aside, I did have some revelations. What I really got out of the aborted programme was I am OK.

While trying to hear the attendant’s sorrowful stories, I was reminded how fortunate I am. I’ve gone on my dark Journey of the Soul, and I have come out alright. Really. I still have a few screws loose but these screws don’t seem so awful or shameful, nor do they need tightening.*

Most of all, I am content. How many people can say that? So many people at this thing were lost as who they are and where they were going or what they are doing. I am at ease with who I am and my life. I don’t need anymore.**

I don’t mean to boast and I don’t imply I am better than others. I do hope the contentment and happiness I experience is achieved by all.


*Someone may disagree on this.

**Well, I wouldn’t say ‘no’ to a nice back scratch.