It is 9PM on a Monday; Someone and Harper have already gone to sleep. Harper is in my space in the bed with a sort of canine Oedipal victory, but what can I do?  She dotes on him; she hardly ever leaves his side. She’s tired too, for she had two long walks today.

Last weekend we got out the Hallowe’en props. The house is slowly being decorated in orange and black. We also bought pumpkins. I look forward to toasting pumpkin seeds, one of my favorite treats. So I am getting into the appropriate mood of All Hallow’s Eve.

I need to start planning the annual Hallowe’en dinner. If any Spo-fan has some fun Hallowe’en themed recipes, please pass them on.

The only sounds in the house are the dryer, the whirl of the bedroom ceiling fan, and the soft snoring of Someone. No TV. It is relatively quiet. I like this. After a day of nonstop noise, it seems all seems rather peaceful.  I don’t want to go to bed lest this moment ends.

I’ve been typing notes and dictating evaluations all night long. I need to stop and do something else. I’ll read blogs now.

Good night.