Spo-fans know Hallowe’en is my favorite holiday. I take it seriously; I prepare for it the way others do for Christmas.  I like to make a formal dinner for All Hallow’s Eve. It ranks up there with Thanksgiving. But unlike Thanksgiving I get to try new and adventuresome dishes.

First course is some sort of Hallow’en cocktail and hors d’oeuvre. A few years ago we found a black vodka, which is ideal for spooky martinis. An orange pumpkin PEEPS
This years’ nibble will be bat wings. This is BBQ chicken wings in a black bean/soy sauce to make them as dark as possible.

There is always a soup. Often it is a pumpkin variety, served in a small hollowed out pumpkin. This year I am trying an acorn and apple soup.

The one stable is a flank steak.  I wrote about this before. It is a time honored Spo-tradition. I am not a big beefeater, but it touches on the tradition the Celts brought their livestock in for the winter, and what they could not house, they slaughtered and ate now.

There is no lack of possible Side dishes.  I surf the internet for neat to eat treats.  This year I hope to make a fettucine, using black noodles (made with squid ink) with sauteed orange peppers.

I haven’t determined what will be for dessert…..

Candy corn pudding.  Layers of yellow and orange pudding with whipped cream, topped with candy corn.

Or perhaps devil’s food cupcakes    

or pumpkin spice bundt cake

Any votes?