It’s been a pleasant weekend; I had minimal paperwork to do and is concluded. The Hallowe’en decorations are up and this is cheerful.  I’ve put together a shopping list for my All Hallow’s Eve feast next Saturday. Someone and I  both did our exercises.  We loved “Boris Godonov” it was excellent.  Someone enjoyed “The Pirates of Penzance” more than I –  the auditorium was very warm.  I kept nodding off.

Only one negative; I gained a pound last week – bummer! I attribute this to some early Hallowe’en eating (my festive trail mix, which includes candy corn).

I have some upcoming trips which gives me a pleasant anticipation to go forward. Next month, we go to Palm Springs for a weekend. For the first time in maybe five or six years, we will travel for Thanksgiving.  We go to Seattle to see family and friends.

So life seems to be rather pleasant and relatively quiet nowadays.  I have a few books going. It is cool enough to turn off the air conditioner and sleep with the windows open. That’s about all the news, which isn’t much.

I’ve reached the age where ‘boring’ is not only pleasant, but coveted!