I apologize I haven’t been active in Blog-land this week. It is 6s and 7s here as we run around trying to get ready for All Hallow’s Eve. This Saturday night we will cook a five-coarse banquet. We invited some chums;  the more the merrier.  Someone is making a costume for Harper (Super-dog).  Then there is Hallowe’en proper – pumpkins need carving, seeds need toasting and block party food need  preparation.  Our lawn decorations are up:  strands of orange lights and plastic pumpkins bedeck the cacti (thorns make easy ‘hooks’).

Meanwhile I try to keep up with my exercise and paperwork. Tonight we took a break and we went to the movies to see The Met’s ‘live’ broadcast of “Das Rheingold”. Awesome!  The set was designed by the same fellow who put together Cirque de Soliel. It had lots of moving spinning floors. The whole production was rather, well, ‘Wagnerian” is the word that leaps to mind!   I love Met broadcasts.

We were good citizens and did our early ballots. I am proud of Someone who carefully researches all the candidates and propositions so  our votes are educated.  Arizona propositions tend to be mean-spirited. Often they are wolves in sheep’s clothing. We live in a Red State, but thanks to us it is a little more ‘purple’ now – or lavender to be precise.

I made a widget of the men and women who had a turn with the traveling Spo-shirt. I have a list of takers; I promise not to forget anybody!

Well, I need to do some vital paperwork for the morrow.   I will try to catch up on bloggers this Friday night.