Cousin Monica sent me this photograph. It was taken at our cousin’s wedding.  The photo is good, and downright miraculous considering how hard it is to round up my relatives to stand still for a photograph.

It is not unlike herding cats.

Top row, going from Left to Right

Cousin Matt, who is the boyfriend/long time companion to cousin Ann. Next to him is my father.  It is an ongoing joke I grew a beard so people  could tell us apart.  Behind The Father Figure is Cousin Matt (another Matt!) who is the brother of cousin Ann.

To my father’s left is Sister-in-law Michelle, married to Brother #3, William. Next to Michelle is Cousin Ann.  Next to Ann is Someone, who is looking good and trim in his suit.  Next, holding a glass of wine, is Brother #2, David. I was surprised  he grew a beard. He is looking good in his whiskers.  The young lady in the red and white with heels to die for is Celine, Brother #4’s daughter.

Behind Celine is Brother #4, Jeffrey, who is a good man. He may be the youngest but he is the tallest. On his far right is Brother #3, William, in the green shirt.    Someone and I go visit William and Michelle for Thanksgiving. They live in Seattle. That is where Cousin Matt lives too, so we’ll have Thanksgiving with Matt and family.

The two children are Matt and Monica’s children, Stella and Oscar.

I am the one down on his haunches, holding a beer, sporting a bow-tie, as is my wont.