Hallowe’en, or Samhain, was when my Celtic ancestors ‘celebrated’ the end of the year. Summer was over and winter began. It looked like the world had died. We can not imagine the angst whether or not there would be enough food to last 4 months. We also don’t know if Samhain was a time of fear or excitement or both. It was important.

Hallowe’en has been around for 3000 years or more. It is constantly evolving. It is like a large river receiving many tributaries from many cultures and times. I suppose that is why I like it so much. It touches on the need for the archaic while allowing you to make it whatever you fancy.

Remembering the dead has always been a vital part of the holiday. All Soul’s Night is one of the day’s many names.

Today while we carve pumpkins and toast seeds and attend our block party for the trick or treaters, I will pause at times to think of my ancestors.

So I hope everyone has a Happy Hallowe’en, whether you are partying or conducting a solemnity.

Boo !