I’ve not been on line in the past few days. Life is strange but true. I had the opportunity to meet some colleagues. It was nice to hob-knob with my fellow wizards.  I enjoy talking with bright people; it is even more pleasant with colleagues. Spo-fans know I work as an employee in a clinic; I am the only doctor at my place. It tends to be a lonely job.

It turns out one of the group’s shrinks is leaving the practice. The staff wander if I would be interested in joining them. Well! I must say the idea is a tempting one.  I would have co-workers – and queer ones at that. Their office is quite lovely; my potential office has a magnificent view.  I would be a partner, not an employer.  I could work as much as I wanted and say ‘no thank you’ when I don’t need or want more.  Apparently they have staff to answer the phones and write out prescription renewals viz. do the time consuming scut work I have to do myself.

A rough calculation says I would almost double my yearly income?!
I hadn’t thought of a new job. Despite the long hours and ‘homework’ I am not really unhappy where I work. I like my current bosses.  My present workplace is relatively nearby.  As an employee, I don’t have to worry about staff, paying the rent, or manage the office. And I don’t have to provide my own health insurance, liability insurances.

Yet and still – more money, independency, and colleagues, what’s not to like?

There would be challenges. The offered place is at the other end of town; is would be quite a long-distance commute.  The matter which may break the deal; I don’t know if I can get my own health insurance, let alone for Someone (for he is on my plan).

It is nice to dream of I working less and earning more while being more autonomous.

Mostly it would be nice to not be alone anymore. It is nice to be wanted.