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The Lovely Neighbor took off to visit her relatives. In the 2 or 3 months she is away, the various neighbors will ‘keep an eye on things”. Happily, we live in a neighborhood where people know each other and tend to watch out for things.  On the downside, there is little privacy; Someone and I tend to hear about ‘Neighbor A” long before “A” directly announces the news.  I will miss TLN: she usually has us over for Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.

We will do something different for Thanksgiving: we go to Seattle (Land of Coffee) to visit Brother #3 and various relatives. The notion of flying on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving scares me. I don’t like airports, and the idea of joining the masses at the pre-holiday rush sounds terrible.  I am ready to abort the expedition at the slightest impediment. Hopefully we will get there without losing our luggage (or my composure).  [don’t worry Brother #3 – Someone has things under control!]

Next weekend we drive to Palm Springs. DougT and his partner Leon AKA the Wild One will be in town. Our Mutual Friend will join us. Normally the four of us stay at the same quiet B&B, but the owner has sold it. Our Mutual Friend wants to stay at one of the more ‘active’ resorts. translation; we are staying at a brothel.  More on this anon.  I have one week to shed 5lbs.

But this weekend we stay home. The only ‘event’ is Someone’s 10K race on Sunday.

While I like going places, there is no place like home.


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