Next weekend we drive to Palm Springs. There isn’t anything specific about the place that makes feels nice to visit, yet it is so.  Perhaps it because PS is wall-to-wall queers. The majority of Palm Springs men seem to either over 70 or under 25, so I get to be the unique middle man.

The drive over is a pleasant one. Someone always drives ‘The Precious” to Palm Springs, so we get there in a fraction of the time if I drove. Convertibles are windy places so I wear sunglasses (even at night time) to protect my eyes from the desert winds.

Someone and I will meet our chums DougT and Leon aka The Wild One.  We are staying at a resort requested by The Other Michael.  Given his appetites, I strongly suspect the ‘resort’ is a brothel.  So while he is frolicking about the property, I will read books with Leon, or gab with DougT*.

Thanks to Facebook, I have a sort of ‘blind date’. I have reconnected with a college friend, Mike.  Mike’s boyfriend lives in Palm Springs. So we are meeting up for a drink and a howdy-do and gab about Mike.  There will be ‘3 Mikes” in our party so we will be need nicknames to tell us apart. The Other Michael has been rechristened “Musetta”, so that takes care of him. I now need a nickname. Spo-fans are free to propose one, provided it isn’t “Bunny”.

There is a certain restaurant in Palm Springs where the customers sit in swings.  They have a bloody Mary bar.  The combination of drinks and moving tables makes for a jolly good time but Lord have mercy on the sailors on a rough night like this.  Better yet, there is a Thai restaurant with a dish called Red Mountain or something close to this. It was so amazing I have been looking forward to another serving for months.

But first, there is a work week to do. May it go quickly !


*if I can get a word in.